Irish DPC releases guidance on DPO qualifications schedule Aug 15, 2017

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner has released guidance on the appropriate qualifications for a data protection officer. The qualifications “should be determined according to the personal data processing operations carried out, the complexity and scale of data processing, the sensitivity of the data processed and the protection required for the data being processed,” the post states. The DPC points out that organizations with complex data processing may need a DPO with “a higher level of expertise and support.” The post also lists relevant skills and expertise, which includes a deep knowledge of European data protection laws, “understanding of information technologies and data security,” and the “ability to promote a data protection culture within the organisation.” Companies should also be aware of the training options that are available, the DPC states, and should consider “the content and means of the training and assessment, whether training leading to certification is required, the standing of the accrediting body, and whether the training and certification [are] recognised internationally.” Editor’s Note: Our Resource Center includes a DPO Toolkit.
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